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i think i have bed bugs

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Get Help Today

i think i have bed bugs

Or Call Ruby Today

(866)-984-BUGS (2847)

Don’t let the bed bugs bite – call Bed Bug Finders LLC toll free at 1-866-984-BUGS (2847)


“We do it Right The First Time.”

Our company has been written about in news outlets you trust, including The New York TimesThe Stamford Advocate, and Brockton Mass News. We also have been featured on the Connecticut news station WTNH. Because there are new technologies and practices in dealing with bed bugs, our canine and human teams’ members stay on top of their game by attending numerous schools, conferences and webinars.

At Bed Bug Finders LLC, we are experts at bed bug detection (finding the pests), inspection and verification. Our bed bugs detection business offers inspection services, design to deliver unbiased and accurate results you can trust.

The way our bed bug detection works is– one of our amazing bed bug dogs shows up along with one of our compassionate human bed bug experts. Our bed bug dog will sniff out if you have the pests. If you do, we can connect you with one of our strategic partners who specialize in bed bug eradication.

We don’t offer removal services because unlike most other canine detection companies, we are fully focused on undisputed pin-point findings. Since the very beginning, Bed Bug Finders was created with the sole purpose of assisting in the verification of infestations and helping you create a pest-free environment in your home and office.

Our unmatched services are affordable and the accuracy of our results will help save you a substantial amount of money.

We have seen it all! We have found bed bugs are not just in beds, but they are everywhere, from houses and apartments, to stores, offices, movie theaters, restaurants, clothing stores and even laundromats, airplanes and police precincts So if you think you might have those pests in your home or business, why not talk to us? We have inspected hundreds and hundreds of locations and have provided homeowners and business owners with Proven Results and a peace of mind!

Our Focus Is Your Satisfaction

Dear Don.  I can not tell you how impressed my husband Steve and I were with both Ruby and yourself.   I admit we waited too long to call you as Steve was getting more bites.  We could not believe how Ruby, your bed bug dog detected the bed bugs in our closet and you found them in the box on the top shelf.Kiddo's to the both of you!    

Maria and Steve – Darien

Thank you Mike — for your kind words and for working with us in the way that you do. As a businessman I appreciate how thoughtful, concientious and professional you are.

Bob S.

Company Name: Bob S.

You are such courteous and helpful professionals. It was great dealing with you. Your detailed explainations and patience with my questions helped ease my concerns.

Holly M.

Company Name: Holly M.

I wanted to say thanks to you and Doug for all your hard work you guys were great! Under the circumstances it was a pleasure to meet you both. You guys do a heck of a job every day!

D & B

Company Name: D & B

When my family came back from vacation, my daughter started to have bites on her.  When I called Bed Bug Finders their cute dog sniffed out the bugs and the inspector performed a DNA test that proved out positive.  We had our home treated and life is back to normal…….  Thanks

Nicole J.

Company Name: Nicole J.

I am happy to tell you that since your visit we have slept better and there are no signs of anything in our home since. We want to thank you for being a gentleman and being professional with us. We needed someone with no nonsense and practical answers, and you fit the bill perfectly. We will certainly not hesitate to recommend your work.

Joe & Judy

Company Name: Joe & Judy M.

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