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If I Have Bed Bugs, Does That Mean That I’m Dirty?

September 22nd, 2014

Having bed bugs in your home is one of the most embarrassing things that could happen to you. After all, the stereotype of bed bugs is that the pests only show up in trashy, poor, dirty and messy homes. Some people think that bed bugs are something that comes with the territory for those who are hoarders – and in fact, the TV show Hoarders once had an episode where a family’s hoarded home was so infested with bed bugs that they slept out in the back yard in a tent instead of dealing with the bugs!

How do you get bed bugs?

The reality, though, is that while messy homes can have bed bugs, so can palatial palaces that have maids cleaning it at all hours of the day. The common denominator when it comes to how you get bed bugs is people. Like vampires of the insect world, bed bugs seek out human blood in order to live. So even if you live in a home that would be the envy of Martha Stewart, you could still potentially have bed bugs.

Some of the causes of bed bugs include travel, or contact with other people who have bed bugs. So you could be in a hotel that has bed bugs, and the pests could hitch a ride on your suitcase and come home with you. Not fun!  These bed bug causes have nothing to do with cleanliness or the amount your hotel room costs. After all, bed bugs have been spotted in five-star hotels as well as fleabag places.

How clutter and hoarding and lack of cleanliness can affect bed bugs

It is true that having bed bugs in your home does not necessarily mean that you are dirty or messy. As previously noted, neat homes can get the pests as well. However, having clutter in your home, or being a hoarder, can contribute to the proliferation of the pests. That is due to several factors when it comes to the causes of bed bugs:

Bringing in “treasures” from the street or from a used furniture store:  If you have ever watched any of the hoarding shows on television, you may see people bring in some “treasure” that they found their neighbor throwing out, and the person thinks that they have a real find. Unfortunately, what they may be finding are bed bugs. It is never a good idea to take home such found items, because they could have the pests hiding in them. Also, if you buy used furniture, such as a couch, make sure that you find out if the store regularly examines its items for bed bugs. If they don’t, you may want to reconsider your purchase.

Clutter: While a lack of cleanliness, and an abundance of clutter, does not cause bed bugs per see, it gives the bugs more places to hide. So the causes of bed bugs’ existence in a home may not be caused by having clutter, but think about what will need to happen if you get bed bug treatment – you will need to make sure everywhere is treated, and that the bugs will not simply jump from one hiding place to the next. Simply getting rid of clutter can give the bugs fewer places to hide.

No matter what the bed bug causes are for how you got bed bugs, you can get help to get rid of the pests. Contact us today!

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