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Litchfield County bed bug detectionLooking for a Litchfield County bed bug detection and verification company? You’ve come to the right site because at Bed Bug Finders LLC we can help you find those nasty pests! Whether you live in New Milford, Torrington, Warrington, or any other of the towns in the county, our Litchfield County bed bug detection service can get detect the bed bugs in your home or business. We can also inspect real estate and no job is too big or small as we offer small and large project detection work throughout the entire county.

Since inception, our sole interest at Bed Bug Finders has been to assist in the verification of bed bug infestations and if you do have an issue help resolve it effectively and efficiently.

While most other dog detection business start as pest control companies and adopt the bed bug dog service, we here at Bed Bug Finders dedicate all of our resources to providing you the best and most accurate detection results available. Because we do not offer removal services, there is no incentive for our experts to find an infestation that is not really there.

Because of our extensive experience and unwavering commitment to accuracy we know what detection methodologies work and those that don’t, so you can rest easy knowing that if there is an infestation in your home our experts will be able to find it.

If we do find an infestation we can refer you to one of our strategic partners who focus on the elimination of bed bugs through a range of treatment options.

Our experience in the field provides us with the intelligence on what methodologies work and those that don’t.

If you think you may have bed bugs, simply spraying a can of bug spray may not take care of the problem. The reality is that when it comes to bed bugs, by the time you see or feel a bug or two, there could potentially be bugs hidden in cracks and crevices you cannot reach or see making the problem just like an iceberg sitting in the water!

That’s where our Litchfield County bed bug detection service can help. Instead of itching and hoping that the bugs simply go away, our bed bug detection program can solve your problems.

No matter where you live in Litchfield County, we can help. So why not call us at (203)-377-2847 or complete this online form, and we will make sure that those bed bugs are gone for good because you shouldn’t have to ever let the bed bugs bite!


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