Bed Bug Services in New London County

Bed bugs are making a comeback these days, infecting even New London County, Connecticut. And at Bed Bug Finders LLC, we are working hard to reverse this and eradicate the nasty bed bugs.

We are a top New London County bed bug detection and inspection company that will help you find where your bed bugs are hiding.  So if you are looking for a Norwich bed bug dog, a Groton bed bug expert, or a New London bed bug detection company, we can help. Furthermore, no job is too big or small as we offer small and large project detection work throughout the entire county.

So if your home or business has bed bugs you need trained professionals to come in and determine how big of a problem you have, that’s where Bed Bug Finders comes in. We are a top of the line professional inspection and detection company and our New London County bed bug detection services are second to none.

The way it works is that you set up an appointment with us; we bring in a New London County bed bug sniffing dog, and the canine, along with an inspector, checks out the premises. These dogs are IBBMA-certified, which means that they know the best methods in the business. Dogs have a much better sense of smell than humans, so this means that they can detect bed bugs with 90%-96% accuracy.

At Bed Bug Finders we strive to only give pin-point results, and because we don’t offer treatment you know our results will be unbiased as well as accurate. After the bed bug dog communicates where the bugs are to our highly trained bed bug inspector, we will connect you with one of our strategic partners that will work with you to eliminate your infestation for good. Because we do not offer treatment, there is no conflict of interest and it gives us the opportunity to focus all of our resources on your detection with no motivation to find a problem that is not even there.

So if you’d like to send those bed bugs packing, simply call us at 1-866-984-BUGS (2847) or complete this online form to get rid of those pests forever and never let the bed bugs bite again!

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