New York County

New York County Bed Bug Detection for Manhattan and the Bronx

Manhattan and the Bronx are both in New York County, but they are two very different boroughs. However, both have bed bugs and both are served by Bed Bug Finders LLC, a top New York County bed bug detection and inspection company. If you think you have bed bugs, you may think you can take care of them yourself, but you may not even know where they are. That’s why you need to see a trained New York County service with experience detecting bed bugs like us. We offer small and large project detection work and an unmatched Guarantee!

Whether you are looking for Bronx bed bug detection company or a Manhattan bed bugs specialist, we can help.  The way it works is that we have our New York County bed bug dog service come to your home or office or business.  We are discreet, so you don’t have to worry about your neighbors or other local businesses knowing these nasty pests are lurking.

We use IBBMA-certified dogs that have passed the toughest tests in the business. Our Manhattan bed bug detection and Bronx bed bug inspection services will detect bed bugs at an amazing 90%-96% rate, much higher than humans at 25%!

Then, after discovering the bugs, we can tell you what your remediation options are. So whether you live in Manhattan or the Bronx, why not call us at call at 1-866-984-BUGS (2847) or complete this online form to help detect that nasty bed bug problem? Why suffer in silence, when we can quickly compassionately and efficiently detect the pests to never let the bed bugs bite again!

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