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Bed Bug Finders - Queens County detection and verification services

If you live in Queens County, you may have a bed bug problem. But you don’t have to suffer with the itching and the bed bug bites, nor the humiliation that comes along with these nasty pests! Bed Bug Finders LLC is a Queens County bed bug detection service.

If you think you have bed bugs, talk to us. We have helped hundreds of customers and offer guaranteed results!

Here’s how our Queens bed bug expert company works. If you think you could have bed bugs in your home or business, just get in touch with us. We will discreetly show up at your home with our Queens bed bug sniffing dog, an IBBMA-certified canine specially trained to sniff out bed bugs. Our dogs have a 90-96 percent success rate at detecting bed bugs! Just a human alone can only find bed bugs with a 25 percent success rate.

Our small-framed bed bug dogs can also get into hard-to-reach locations to find the bugs. They work closely with our bed bug dog inspector to communicate where the bugs are. After that, we will let you know of your options on what to do next with getting rid of the pests.

To get more information about our Queens County bed bug detection and control services, why not call us at 1-866-984-BUGS (2847) or fill out this online form? We cover all of Queens and promise to not let the bed bugs bite again!

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