Richmond County (Staten Island) Services

Staten Island Bed Bug ServicesIf you live in Richmond County (home of Staten Island) you may be looking for a Richmond County bed bug detection company if you think you have bed bugs. That’s where our company can help. We are Bed Bug Finders LLC, a top Staten Island bed bug detection and inspection service. We offer Richmond County bed bug detection services, small and large project detection work.

Suspecting that you have bed bugs is a terrible experience – you are waking up itchy, you see bites on yourself, and you may even have spotted little bloodstains on your sheets.  Even when they are not biting, it feels like they are!

Detecting these nasty pests yourself is no easy task. The typical bed bug is the size of an apple seed, which is small enough to hide from the best set of eyes (human’s only find bed bugs at a 25% success rate). That’s why you need a Staten Island bed bug detection company like us to inspect your home or business.

Our Richmond County bed bug detection and inspection company covers the entire New York City County, which encompasses Staten Island. What we can do is bring out our IBBMA-certified Staten Island bed bug sniffing dog with an inspector to your business or home. These small-framed canines have an extremely keen sense of smell, and can detect 90-96 percent of all bed bugs.

Bed Bug Finder LLC’s bed bug detection experts are second to none.  We give Guaranteed Results! To learn more about our Richmond County bed bug detection services, simply give us a call at (203)-377-2847 or fill out this quick online form. Our Richmond County bed bug experts cover all of Staten Island and will make sure the bed bugs don’t bite anymore!

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