Tolland County Programs

Bed bugs are tiny pests – they are only the size of an apple seed – but they are a big problem these days. Bed Bug Finders LLC is a top Tolland County bed bug inspection and detection company, offering effective and accurate detection of bed bug infestations throughout northeast Connecticut. Whether you are in Vernon, Mansfield or other areas in Tolland County, our detection specialists can walk through your home and evaluate whether or not you have a pest issue that needs to be treated.

Instead of itching and grinning and bearing bed bugs, we can help take care of your pest problem for you. Here’s how our Tolland County bed bug detection program works. We come out with a bed bug inspector who brings in a bed bug sniffing dog. The dog is small-framed in order to get into hard-to-reach places. And the canine has such a keen sense of smell that the animal can detect 90% – 96% of all bed bugs. Furthermore, our dogs are all IBBMA certified, which means that they have passed the toughest tests in the industry in order to get that certification.

After the Tolland County bed bug dog communicates with the inspector about what has been found, we will talk with you about your treatment options using our Tolland County strategic partners to help eliminate the bed bugs in your home.

While many canine detection companies began as pest control companies who acquired detection dogs and continue to treat, the specialists at Bed Bug Finders LLC was created from its inception to provide accurate detection only. So there is no conflict of interest or incentive for our experts to discover an infestation that does not exist.

So whether you live in Mansfield, Vernon or anywhere else in Tolland County, we can help detect and verify if you have a bed bug problem and point you in the right direction of having a home free of bed bugs. Just give us a call at 1-866-984-BUGS(2847) or complete this online contact form. You don’t need to let those bed bugs bite!

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