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Bed Bug Finders Windham County Services

Bed bugs have made a big comeback in recent years, even in Windham County, Connecticut. That’s why Bed Bug Finders LLC is working in your area. We are a Windham County bed bug detection and inspection company offering top of the line bed bug verification services, including small and large project detection work.

It used to be that bed bugs had nearly disappeared in the United States, but they have been returning everywhere, including northeast Connecticut.  That’s why Bed Bug Finders is happy to help the people of Windham County with their bed bug problems and pest detection needs.

Here’s how Bed Bug Finders LLC’s Windham County bed bug detection and inspection services work. We bring in a certified bed bug dog to inspect the premises, and our experienced inspectors listen to what our canines “tell” them about where the bugs are. Because the dogs are small framed and have keen senses of smell, they can detect bed bugs much better than humans can.

Once our bed bug canine service determines if there are bed bugs, and where they are, we can talk to you about what options you have for treatment, including referring you to one of our strategic partners who will help you with the elimination of your pests.

Because our core focus is finding bed bugs no matter where they are hiding, it allows us to only offer the most accurate results. Our inspectors will help you determine the extent of your bed bug infestation and with no incentive to create an infestation that doesn’t exist you can rest easy knowing our results are results you can trust!

To learn more, give us a ring at 1-866-984-BUGS (2847) or complete this contact form. You don’t need to let the bed bugs bite!

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