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From time to time, we here at Bed Bug Finders, LLC will offer our valued customers special deals with companies we like that offer related products. These deals can potentially save you money or convenience.  Here is what we are offering now for our customers:


We already accept cash, checks, PayPal and credit cards for our bed bug detection and bed bug detection and inspection services.

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Bed encasing and protection

One way to make sure that you can keep bed bugs from ever bothering you again, once they have been removed from your home, is with a mattress and box spring encasements. This encasement will keep the bed bugs out, protect your bedding investment and possibly extend the life of them. This covering prevents the pests from building a home in your bed, and will take away their usual hiding places. So after evicting the bed bugs infestation, you can make sure they will not be welcome in your home.

Our friends at Mattress Safe are offering a superior product along with a 5% discount to our customers for their mattress encasements and protectors. Simply enter the code 2496 at their website to get the discount. Click here to read about what they have to offer.

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