Bed Bugs Detection Services

If you need bed bug detection services in New England, Westchester and New York, Bed Bug Finders LLC can help with your needs.

If you need bed bug detection in New England and New York, Bed Bug Finders LLC can help with your needs. Unlike garden-variety bugs, which may be able to be removed with a flyswatter and some bug spray, bed bugs are difficult for the average person to get rid of. That’s where our professional bed bugs detection and inspection services can help. We do small and large project bed bugs detection work and we have proven results!

If you think bed bugs are only in beds, think again. Bed bugs have recently been found everywhere from conductors’ cushions on subway cars, to books in local libraries, to movie theaters. You can find bed bugs anywhere that humans are. That is the common denominator, because bed bugs literally feast on human blood in order to survive.

That’s why you need a bed bug inspection and verification specialist from Bed Bug Finders LLC. We have helped hundreds upon hundreds of satisfied customers with our bed bug dog detection services.

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If you want to know where you can find bed bugs, you need to know where bed bugs live – and more importantly where bed bugs hide.

Here are some tips to potentially spot signs of bed bugs in your home, when you are out in public, or when you are staying at a hotel or motel:

  • Think cracks and crevices

An adult bed bug is only about as large as an apple seed – about a quarter of an inch or so. Baby bed bugs are much smaller – a newborn bed bug, also known as a nymph, is generally no bigger than a pinhead. And bed bug eggs are even smaller than that.  In addition, the bugs have flattened bodies, which mean that they can easily go into cracks and crevices and survive undetected.

Think about the many places bed bugs could hide, just in your bedroom. They could hide in your mattress, of course, or between the mattress and the box spring. Where do bed bugs hide beside those spots? They could be wedged in between the headboard and the bed, or hiding behind a picture frame, or hanging around baseboards, or even wedged in an electrical outlet. They could also be hiding in your baby’s crib or playpen. Yikes!

  • Where do bed bugs live in your home besides the bedroom

In addition to being aware that bed bugs could be in your bedroom, they can also be in any other part of your home. For example, they may be under couch cushions, or in recliners, or hanging out in your dog’s or cat’s bed, waiting to pounce. (Yes, bed bugs can feast on the family pet as well.) While cleanliness has nothing to do with attracting bed bugs – they can be found in the cleanest of homes – they are less likely to be quickly discovered in home with lots of clutter, and the bed bugs will simply have more hiding places to choose from.

  • Where do bed bugs live besides the home

Since the pests like to feast on human blood, and need it in order to survive, they are likely to be found in places where humans are, particularly high turnover locations. Anything from a school, to a hospital, nursing home or even a library, could attract bed bugs. You name the place, and chances are bed bugs have been found there!

  • Bed bug signs – what to look out for

So this all sounds pretty scary, as if bed bugs are potentially lurking everywhere, waiting to prey on humans. What can you do to spot signs of bed bugs? In your bed, or a hotel’s bed, look in those cracks and crevices where bed bugs could hide, such as by the headboard, or under the mattress, or in the mattress’ seams. In addition, signs of bed bugs include things like tiny bloodstains on the sheets, brownish or reddish stains or marks on the bedding, and peppery material (it is fecal matter) around the bedding area.  It is important to spend a few minutes doing this sort of inspection when staying at a hotel for the night, so you do not chance the risk of carrying bed bugs home with you. You can even use the flashlight function on your smartphone for a better look. Also be vigilant when you are out in public. Take a look at your seat cushion before you sit down.

Canine Detection and Inspection Services

Finding bedbugs with dogs is now the easiest way to detect bed bugs. Find out why everyone is choosing canine bed bug detection.
The most effective way to be sure you found all the places bed bugs could be hiding is to use one of the Bed Bug Finders LLC certified bed bug detection dogs. The way our service works is that we show up at your home or business with a bed bug dog, and one of our highly trained inspectors. Being that our dogs are IBBMA-certified, they have had to pass the toughest tests in the business.

We have a number of these wonderful small-framed canines who not only have the ability to detect bed bugs, but who can reach into tiny places to ferret out those bugs. The canines in combination with our highly trained and compassionate inspectors evaluate all the facts at a job site. This detection protocol combined with the Inspectors reading  their canines’ “body language” know what the bed bug dogs are “saying” when it comes to bed bug detection. This is obviously better than the 25% we can see with our eyes.

Plus if our specialists determine that you have a bed bug infestation we can connect you to our strategic partners who can take care of your pest issue through a variety of effective treatments designed to eradicate bed bugs.

Since at Bed Bug Finders we are detection and inspection specialists, we do not offer treatment so we can focus on only giving you the most accurate results. That way we have no motivation to detect an issue that does not exist. Our vast experience in the bed bug and pest industry gives us the understanding of what detection strategies are effective and which are not.

Not only can you can rest easy knowing that our results are accurate and unbiased but our affordable services can help you save money down the road.

We understand that having a bed bug infestation can be very embarrassing. That’s why we will work with you compassionately and discreetly to resolve this problem.

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