About Bed Bug Heat Treatment

So you think you have bed bugs, and you want them out. What do you do next? After calling us at 1-866-984-BUGS (2847) and having an inspector with a bed bug detection dog, sniff out the pests, we can get rid of those pests with our effective bed bugs heat treatment.

Our heat treatment for bed bug system is:

We have special bed bug heat treatment techniques

Because of the flexibility in our heat treatment applications, talk to us about the many uses for our heat treatments, such as bed bug heat treatment for your children’s camping equipment after they come home from summer camp, drying out your musty and flooded basement, providing you temporary heat for your home or business or event planning.

heat treatment for bed bugs

How our bed bug extermination heat treatment works:

Our process uses central heat technology to eliminate the pests and provide heat for your specific needs. Developed by experts in the HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) field, as well as with fire safety experts from a team with over 130 years of experience!

The heat treatment for bed bugs is ecologically efficient, too, generating more BTUs (British Thermal Units) per gallon of fuel than other methods, making it the most effective way to get rid of pests. It’s like getting more miles per gallon in your automobile. In addition, with this bed bug heat extermination method, we use bio diesel, a green fuel, so we are better for the environment than other methods.  This method also takes less set up and take down time than the competition allowing us to pass our time savings to you!

Unlike any other bed bug removal method, ours requires endeavors to minimize preparation that save you time and money. The process is safe, with no unhealthy fumes or fume by-products entering your home or business.

The way it works is our unmarked truck shows up at your home discreetly, so you don’t have to worry about your neighbors finding out. A hose goes from the truck into a window or door in your home or business. On the truck is a built-in chimney for exhaust, so you don’t have to worry about fumes. In fact, our method makes sure that the air is 100% breathable. Our heat extermination system is UL (Underwriters Laboratory) approved and safe.

There are a variety of methods for treating pests, including propane and electric, but our bed bug heat extermination treatment process has much less muss and fuss in the set up than that of other methods.

Not every company uses the bed bugs heat treatment system to get rid of the pests. We use bed bug extermination heat, because it is so safe, without harsh chemicals. We can also solve your insect problem quickly. “We Do it right the First Time!”

We do both small and large project detection work. So if you live in New England, why not contact us at 1-866-984-BUGS (2847) or fill out this easy-to-use online form for your pest control needs?