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As a property manager you already have a lot on your plate, whether you oversee an apartment building, co-op, landlords or other living situation. But the one thing you should not let slip through the cracks is staying vigilant when it comes bed bugs. Having an infestation on your property can cost time, money, and goodwill with your residents.  That’s where our property manager bed bug services and facility programs can help.

Property managers and building owners from all over New York and New England trust Bed Bug Finders llc to help maintain a pest-free environment in their facilities and nip their bed bug problem in the bud before it escalates.

Once thought to be a thing of the past bed bugs have made a strong comeback and they could be making their way into the property you manage right now.  Not only that, but all it takes is just one bug to show up on your property to reproduce, multiply, and completely infest your facility if you’re not careful.

Proactive Prevention: The Key to Happy Residents

Unfortunately, many property managers are not proactive when it comes to inspecting or even treating bed bugs; causing the problem to get worse and ultimately cost more in the long run. At Bed Bug Finders we won’t let that happen to you.

Smart property managers realize that the quicker you address the issue, the more likely you’ll be able to stop bed bugs from spreading to other units and inevitably your entire complex.

What Property Managers Can Expect

At Bed Bug Finders LLC, we offer a range of services and programs aimed to detect and verify the existence of bed bugs in your properties and units. As your facility’s certified detection and inspection company here are some of things you can expect from our services:

  • We’ll show up whenever you need us to. The process is simple, efficient and almost automatic; you have us on call whenever you need us. By the time a problem comes up you don’t want to have to worry about finding the right bed bug inspector. We will be there whenever you need us.
  • We bring our certified bed-bug detection dogs for verification. Our dogs are trained daily and come with a sense of smell much stronger than humans. If one of our canines find something, they communicate the issue to one of our handlers to let them know. And because our primary focus is detection and inspection services you don’t have to worry about a conflict of interest, false positives or inaccurate results.
  • Don’t worry about alarming your residents or neighbors. Our team shows up in an unmarked vehicle and are trained to be discreet. As your bed bug verification company throughout the process we would not need to communicate with residents at all.
  • After inspecting your property, we can tell you immediately whether or not you have a bed bug issue. If you don’t, you can relax and have the peace of mind knowing you have done your duty as a responsible owner. If there is an issue, we can work with your pest control company or refer you to one of our trusted partners to help solve it quickly, discretely and most importantly prevent it from re-occurring.
  • Once we confirm bed bugs are the issue our inspectors figure out where the problem started, monitor the area and check for patterns that have caused the pests to show up.
  • Have a commercial property that needs to be inspected? Our certified team and services can help. Often concern over an infestation causes uneasiness or stress among your staff that may need some reassurance before returning to work. We help in a human resources-focused way to calm your team down and explain what needs to be done. Not to mention the money you’ll save by being proactive.

Our Programs for Residents

Our services also include a range of programs to help keep your residents and employees educated on the importance of bed bug vigilance and their role to play in the process.

  • We put together presentations complete with pictures and slides to help simplify everything and make sure every resident understands what bed bugs look like, where they can commonly be found, and how they can be prevented or even eradicated.
  • It is also possible you don’t have an infestation but a resident with a bed bug phobia reporting an issue when there isn’t one. For residents repeatedly reporting false alarms we can talk with them in a coaching session, and alleviate their fears. Not only will they feel better, but so will you.
  • If you do have a bed bug issue, we can talk to your tenants and explain the situation. Educating residents on what they can do to help treat the infestation and the best methods for keeping them out is the key to working together with them to create a pest-free environment for everyone.

Want to learn more about how we can keep your buildings bed bug free or our range of professional services for property managers? Give us a call or fill out our quick contact form.

Don’t let the bed bugs bite. Reach out to Bed Bug Finders LLC to learn more!

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