Bronx County

Bronx County Bed Bug Detection Programs

Bed bugs are tiny pests – they are only the size of an apple seed – but they are a big problem these days.

Bed Bug Finders is a top Bronx County bed bug inspection and detection company, offering effective and accurate detection of bed bug infestations throughout northeast New York. Whether you are in East Bronx, West Bronx, or any other areas of Bronx County, our detection specialists can evaluate whether or not you have a bed bug issue that needs to be treated.

If you think you have a bed bug infestation, our Bronx County bed bug detection program works like this- First contact us to formally schedule an inspection. From there, we will bring in a certified Bronx County bed bug sniffing dog and an inspector to assess your premises. Our dogs are IBBMA-certified, which means that they are specifically trained to detect the presence of bed bugs and identify where they may be hiding. Our dogs have a significantly better sense of smell than humans, allowing them to detect the presence of bed bugs with up to 90% accuracy.

After our Bronx County bed bug dog communicates with the inspector about what has been found, we will talk with you about your treatment options using our strategic Bronx County pest control partners to help eliminate any bed bugs found in your home or business.

While many canine detection companies began as pest control companies who acquired detection dogs while also continuing to treat, the specialists at Bed Bug Finders exist to provide accurate detection only. What this means is that there is no conflict of interest or incentive for our experts to discover an infestation that does not exist.

So regardless of where you live in Bronx County, we can help detect and verify if you have a bed bug problem, as well as point you in the right direction of having a home or business free of bed bugs. Call us at 1-866-984-BUGS (2847), or complete our online contact form to schedule an inspection.