Fairfield County

Fairfield County Bed Bug Experts

Feeling itchy? Seeing blood on your bed sheets? It’s possible that bed bugs are infesting your home. But denial won’t make them go away.

At Bed Bug Finders, we understand the unnerving feeling that this can cause and we want you to know we can help. Our Fairfield County bed bug detection and inspection service, led by Ruby, our head bed bug dog, will let you know if you have bed bugs with far better accuracy than other verification companies.

Fairfield County may be one of the wealthiest counties in the United States, but bed bugs can be found in affluent homes as well as poor ones. Bed bugs do not discriminate – the common denominator is that they seek out places where people are present.

As you may be aware, canines are known for their keen sense of smell – much stronger than the human nose can ever be. Dogs can also be trained to ferret out everything from drugs to fire to missing children to, yes, bed bugs. Ruby, one of our certified bed bug dogs, can enter your home and sniff out any lurking bed bugs. This is because while the human eye can only spot about 25% of bed bugs, Ruby and the rest of our bed bug dogs can detect 90% of bed bugs.

Whether you live or work in Stamford, Bridgeport, Danbury, Norwalk, or elsewhere in Fairfield County, we can help detect your bed bugs.

There are many advantages to having one of our bed bug inspection dogs inspect your home or business and our Fairfield County bed bug services:

  • Ruby and our other dogs have keen senses of smell that go beyond simply spotting the presence of bed bugs- they can tell you where these pests are lurking.
  • Since our canines have small frames, they can get into cracks and crevices that humans simply can’t.
  • If Ruby or one of our other bed bug dogs find bed bugs in your home, we will refer you to one of our Fairfield County pest control partners who can help remove them for good. If our bed bug dogs do not find any bed bugs, you can enjoy the relief of knowing your property is free from bed bugs.

Our bed bug canines are all IBBMA certified, which means that they have passed the most stringent certification tests in the business, making our bed bug detection and inspection service second to none! By specializing purely in the detection and not offering treatment, we are fully committed to providing our customers with the most accurate results by having no additional incentive to report an infestation that’s not even there.

No matter where in Fairfield County you are, you and your neighbors could be at risk of an infestation. If you think you might have a bed bug problem, the Bed Bug Finders LLC is here to help!

To request an inspection of your home or business, call us at (203) 377-2847, or fill out our quick online form.