Middlesex County

Middlesex County Bed Bug Detection & Inspection

If you are waking up itching, experiencing any strange bites on your arms or legs, or see tiny bloodstains on your sheets, you might have bed bugs.

To find out for sure, schedule an inspection! We are a leading Middlesex County bed bug detection company, offering detection and inspection services throughout New Jersey.

Whether you are looking for a Middlesex County bed bug specialist, or need a Middletown bed bug detection expert, we can help. Our IBBMA-certified Middlesex County bed bug detection dogs can help sniff out any bed bugs that may be present in your home or business.

Our Middlesex County bed bug detection service works like this- Give us a call to schedule a formal inspection. From there, we will send out a certified bed bug detecting dog, along with an expert inspector to interpret the dog’s signals. Because our canines have small frames and a much better sense of smell than humans, our bed bug dogs can hone in on where the bugs are with a 90+% detection rate! In the event our dogs detect the presence of bed bugs or a full-blown infestation, we will then assist you in securing a pest control provider you’re comfortable with to have them remove the bed bugs.

If you reside in Middlesex County, or any other county in New Jersey, and suspect you may have bed bugs, give us a call at 1-866-984-BUGS (2847) to schedule an inspection.