New Haven County

New Haven County Bed Bug Inspection and Detection

New Haven is best known as the home to Yale University, great pizza places, and as a critical stopping point between New York and Boston.

But like any city these days, you may find if you live in New Haven, or in surrounding towns like Waterbury, West Haven or Milford, that you might have bed bugs. That’s where Bed Bug Finders can help!

Bed Bug Finders is a professional, well-respected New Haven County bed bug inspection and detection provider. Our goal is to help determine whether or not you have a bed bug problem in your home or business and if so, put you on the right track to creating a bed bug-free environment.

You may think you have bed bugs because you have marks on your body, or you feel itchy. But you can’t know for sure unless you have a proper inspection. For example, if you have red marks on your body, it could very well be from bed bugs. However, they could also be from an allergic reaction to something else entirely and have nothing to do with bed bugs.

If you suspect you have bed bugs, the quicker you can verify their existence and location, the quicker you can have them eradicated. Here is what you need to know about bed bugs, and why you should invest in our bed bug detection and inspection services:

  • We make the bed bug detection process very simple. Ruby is one of our IBBMA-certified bed bug sniffing dogs. She, or one of our other dogs, will show up with an expert inspector to assess your home or business.
  • Bed bugs are small – an adult one is the size of an apple seed, and baby bed bugs are even smaller. They are tough for the average person to detect, but our bed bug dogs, combined with an experienced bed bug inspector, work hand-in-hand to see – and smell – if you have bed bugs.
  • Ruby and our other bed bug sniffing dogs are small-framed, allowing them to get into hard-to-reach places that people can’t.
  • Our dogs can detect bed bugs with up to 90% accuracy. When they find them, they tell our inspectors where the bugs are. If you don’t have bed bugs, we will verify that as well.

We’re a local bed bug detection company that understands life in New Haven and the surrounding areas. We work with you to help detect any bed bugs problems with pinpoint accuracy. This can also help to prevent future pest problems down the road.

In the event we verify the existence of bed bugs and where they are, we will recommend one of our strategic pest control partners to offer several different options to eliminate your bed bugs, ranging from freeze and heat treatments to chemical strategies. It’s important to note that we don’t offer removal services because we are 100% committed to delivering only the most accurate and precise bed bug detection results. That way, you can rest assured that our inspectors have no reason to find an infestation that isn’t there.

It’s this unwavering commitment to accuracy combined with our extensive experience in the industry that allows us to identify the most effective detection and inspection strategies to find any bed bugs.

If you think you might have a bed bug problem, call us at 1-866-984-BUGS (2847) or fill out our online form to schedule an inspection.